“High sets out to upend both the punitive prohibitionist war on drugs and most forms of medicalization that have often posed as the more scientific and human alternatives.”


Craig Reinarman, Co-editor of Crack in America: Demon Drugs and Social Justice and Expanding Addict

“A fresh approach to drug policy discussions.”


Nancy Campbell, author of Discovering Addiction: The Science and Politics of Substance Abuse Research

“Through lively and original stories that highlight the vital role pleasure plays in controlled drug use, Walker urges us to move beyond the failures of drug policy rooted in prohibition.”

Rebecca Tiger, author of Judging Addicts: Drug Courts and Coercion in the Justice System

“High is a thoughtful analysis of the ways we—and our institutions—perceive and interact with people who use drugs. What took me a decade to learn, Walker unpacks in one reading: how misconceptions about drug users’ experiences fuel destructive policies that delegitimize our justice system and limit the prosperity of entire communities.”

Maj. Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP)

Drug Policy Explored in Dr. Ingrid Walker’s New Book

High: Drugs, Desire and a Nation of Users, by UW Tacoma professor Ingrid Walker, challenges current thinking about drugs and users.

The Points Interview: Ingrid Walker

Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society interviews Dr. Ingrid Walker